Our Solution

A major challenge when training large amounts of people in a corporate setting is making sure that your learners are engaged and remain engaged. For learners to succeed in a corporate environment, content and delivery needs to be meaningful and relatable. But let’s face it! Learners need to see something new, something different from typical eLearning - a group of pictures and text on the screen along with narration.We now know that gamification in eLearning results to the wanted reaction and the engagement of the learner. Better information retention, greater motivation, and increased productivity are the direct results of game-like eLearning content.

So we came up with a Trivia Game-like solution that:

  • Challenges learners to answer questions organized in categories to get score and collect the category avatar.
  • Provides self study material (Short videos, and PDF’s) in case the learner needs to master a certain category of questions and claim it's avatar.
  • Learners will get 6 lives (tries) every 12 hours. Each live will allow them to answer as many questions as they can go through as long as they get it right.
  • Each question can be answered in 30 seconds. If the learner does not select an answer or if they select the wrong answer; they will lose a life!
  • Is fun and addictive. But will not waste employee valuable work time (they play once every 12 hours!)



Corporate Trivia makes it a easy to deliver engaging learning experiences your people will enjoy.

Question Bank

Insert as many Multiple choice questions as you want. Organized into 5 categories of your choice.


We will custom design 6 characters to accurately represent each questions category and reflect your corporate culture.

The Choose Category

This category when landing on the spin wheel will allow the learner to choose any of the 5 available categories of question.


Track the learner's progress and achievements throughout the game and learning directory with detailed reports at every level.


Make training easy, convenient, and fun for your learners

Fully Responsive

Whatever device your learners are using they get the best possible view

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